What We
Stand For

Our Values

We operate by 6 core values. These guide

our daily actions, ensuring that we provide

reliable service and effective solutions to our



Clients First

Our client's success comes first. We are

focused on ensuring our clients reach their

desired goals when using our services and

solutions, while forging enduring partnerships

that will stand the test of time.


Culture of Collaboration

We believe teamwork drives success. We

readily share knowledge and expertise to

solve problems and deliver outstanding

results, while being always ready to adopt

new ideas.


Trusted & Transparent

We are commited to building trust in every

interaction by conducting ourselves in an

honest manner, and delivering on our



Be Accountable

We take ownership of our work and hold

ourselves accountable for the results we

achieve for our clients.


Act with Integrity

We conduct ourselves with the highest level

of professionalism and ethics, by always

doing what's right for our clients and staff, in

their best interest.


Strive for Excellence

We aspire to excel for the benefit of our

clients by going above and beyond

expectations. We are constantly raising the

bar by asking ourselves “Is it the best we can



This is what makes Hytech truly different.


What Makes
Us Unique

Our Culture

A great workplace is so much more than

having a well-stocked pantry, a sleeping pod

or even a company gym. A great workplace is

one where you can work in collaboration with

talented and engaged colleagues, while being

empowered to make a difference.


At Hytech, you will work with an amazing

group of colleagues, in a team dedicated to

excellence, resilience and collaboration. As

you help chart our company’s future, we are

committed to make Hytech a place where

you can grow your career.


Join us today if you enjoy a workplace that



Agile and fast-paced

We are highly adaptive. We frequently

reassess and redirect our course of action to

adjust to the changing needs of our clients.



We work together as a team, sharing

feedback, ideas and resources, working

together to improve existing ideas while

generating new ones.


Inclusive and diverse

We prioritise inclusion and diversity by

making every employee feel welcome.

Individuals and different views are

celebrated. Discriminatory behaviour is not




We love what we do. We are driven and

motivated to go the extra mile for the good

of the business.



We work smart, and we play hard. We don’t

take ourselves too seriously. We celebrate

success, and value work-life harmony.


Invested in your growth

We are focused on empowering and enabling

our people to become the best version of



More Than Just A Job

Hytech fosters an environment for unlimited

opportunities and growth. It is fast-paced,

agile and the company culture encourages all

staff to initiate and drive your own ideas. It is

a delightful experience to work with

colleagues across regions and teams on

transforming our branding and advancing

the entire marketing communication

experience in this challenging and exciting



Hytech also supports me in fulfilling my

personal goals, ensuring I can attend external

and internal training/industry conferences to

help me enhance my professional skills. I

have flexible working hours and am able to

work from home, which creates a healthy

work-life balance.

Tony Au, singapore Senior Manager, Global Branding & Communication (Global Branding Department)

Since joining the company in 2019 as an

Operation Officer, I quickly transitioned to

team leader within 6 months to manage

Operation Account Team. And now, I was

promoted to Operation Team Leader in

Taiwan and Malaysia.


Working with our young and creative team

members has been a fantastic experience

and has given me the opportunity to engage

and interact with an energetic team. What I

enjoy most is the various departments coming

together to generate new ideas and solve

problems collaboratively. The thing I am

most proud of is that everyone in Hytech

has a strong work ethic and enjoy what

we do.

Betty Wu, Taiwan Operation Team Leader

Since joining the company in 2018 as a

part-time copywriter, I quickly transitioned to

full-time within 6 months to a broader

marketing role across multiple brands within

the company. Shortly afterward, I was

promoted to Marketing and Communications



Working with multiple teams within Hytech

has been a fantastic experience and has

given me the opportunity to engage and

interact with an ever-growing team of

energetic, creative, and importantly,

enthusiastic individuals. What I enjoy most is

the various departments coming together to

generate new ideas and solve problems

collaboratively. Everyone has a strong work

ethic and the right mindset professionally,

while also being able to enjoy the social

aspects of such a collaborative working


Austen Plummer, Australia Marketing and communication Manager

Working in Hytech Malaysia for 2.5 years

and growing in my career from Operation

Officer to Team Leader, the company has

given me a lot of learning opportunities and

trust, which allows me to think out of the box

and grow with the company and my

colleagues. I will work with humility and

enthusiasm to continue to create value for the

company and look forward to a brighter

future together with Hytech.

Eranthe Choo, Malaysia Operation Team Lead

It has been more than four years since I joined

the company in 2018, and I have gained a lot

in this job. The company has given me a lot of

opportunities, from assisting in product

design to independent product design, to

managing product teams and management

offices. Both in terms of work ability and

management ability, I have greatly improved.


The company culture is friendly and active,

and the boss here likes to provide

opportunities for everyone.

Amos, BEIJING Product Manager & Office Manager

It has been 6.5 years since I joined the

company in April 2016. My career in Hytech

started as Operation Specialist, then

promoted to Operation Team Leader and

now an Operation Manager; moving from

Shanghai to Taipei, Hong Kong and now



Hytech is a place where you can be the

authentic self as we are so inclusive

and diverse. We share ideas with each other,

we celebrate and adapt to each other and

learn from each other. This is a valuable

work experience and life experience for me.

I hope to continue to see the company and

myself grow.

Maya, Malaysia Operation Manager/Office Manager


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