Connecting The Dots

Hytech is a Leading Management Consultancy firm, an outsourcing partner of choice for the Fintech Industry.



Who We Are

Hytech is a Leading Management Consultancy

firm, specialising in driving digital

transformation for businesses in the fintech

industries. We help you make the right

connections to your key stakeholders: your staff,

your vendors, your customers.


We leverage our technological expertise to help

global organisations and business leaders define

their business strategies, tackle their biggest

challenges, and fast-track their growth for

measurable results.


We operate at the intersection of business and

technology by amalgamating innovative

thinking with unrivalled industry knowledge, to

deliver end-to-end data-driven solutions for

cloud services, cyber-security solutions, IT

consultancy, and other support services.


From management consulting, to business and

technological development, we are committed

to providing clients with bespoke solutions that

fit their needs and goals.


We’re connecting the dots, so you won’t have to.


What We Offer

Business Transformation

Hytech is a full-cycle digital transformation consultancy firm. We specialise in delivering comprehensive technological support services and solutions for start-ups, mid-sized companies, and large enterprises.

Financial Services

Our financial services industry specialists are equipped to help you respond quickly to your clients’ ever-changing needs, while streamlining your business operations for maximum efficiency. With Hytech’s innovative solutions and cloud services, we can help you differentiate your business today, while adapting to the needs of tomorrow.


Hytech supports every step of your business. Our team provides proactive management and monitoring for your ICT infrastructure, to minimise and mitigate any issues that may arise.

Cloud Services

We provide affordable and reliable cloud services and solutions that help you stay connected with your teams, boost collaboration, maximise efficiency, and keep your business running round-the-clock.

APP Consulting

We create disruptive mobile apps that are intuitive and innovative. Our app specialists are always on the lookout for the latest in native and cross-platform development tools in the market, and are able to recommend the most suitable solutions based on your requirements and budget.

Website Development

We design and develop responsive, fast, and user-friendly websites and landing pages to help you unlock the greatest potential of your business. Our experienced developers combine creative aesthetics with powerful technology, to produce high-performance websites that are also visually stunning and impressive.

Whether you need to increase conversions or improve brand awareness, we have the skills and expertise to build a great website to help you achieve your business goals.

CRM Consulting

Our customised CRM solutions can help you take your business to the next level. At Hytech, we understand your unique operational, analytical and collaborative needs. Our experts are able to recommend the right solutions to help you manage and optimise the relationships with your existing and potential clients.

Data Analytics

We can empower your organization to become a data-driven enterprise with transparent access to data and insights. We help you apply analytics throughout your organisation and integrate the analytics into your decision-making process.

Workforce and Careers

Confidently expand your business globally, regionally, and locally, with our HR experts. We provide insights into local laws, regulations, cultural nuances, and talent market trends, to support your hiring, salary, and workforce management, and tailor career journeys for your business needs.

Customer Service

We provide exceptional and comprehensive customer support that you can rely on. Remote and onsite support are also available.

Cybersecurity Services

Assess, detect, and manage your security risks with Hytech. Our experts can help you identify your risks, detect, and respond instantly to threats, while providing the most up-to-date solutions for the ongoing protection of your network systems, programs, and devices.


Here's what our partners have to say



Here's what our partners have to say


A reliable HR solution

Hytech’s HR solutions helped us as an

organisation to offer workforce management

capabilities to our clients who were expanding

into new markets regionally. This has helped our

clients hire and manage workforce in new

countries quickly without having to deal with

additional legal, tax and HR challenges.


Here's what our partners have to say

Hytech S Technology

An exceptional CRM platform

Being a Hytech partner has made a significant

difference at Hyech S. In deals where Hytech’s

CRM platform is involved, we have been able to

close most of our prospects, which has had a

positive impact on our revenue.


Thanks to our partnership, we are confident

that we can offer our customers the very best

CRM platform that will evolve to meet the

marketing needs of businesses today. On top of

that, the support we get from their team has

been phenomenal, so continuing our partnership is a no-brainer.


Here's what our partners have to say

International Connect Services

First-class customer service support

Hytech’s customer service platform enables us

to engage with and serve global customers at

scale, so that we have a singular brand voice

while providing a first-class customer

experience whenever support is needed. There’s

quite an in-depth amount of resources that

Hytech brings to the partners to truly enable a

partner to talk about the story and share that

story with their own customers.


Here's what our partners have to say

Fine Edge

Trustworthy risk management consultancy

Since our initial engagement several years ago,

we have been very impressed with Hytech’s

experience and depth of knowledge in Risk

Management. Hytech has been a diligent and

supportive partner for us in multiple portfolio

companies, serving us in a wide variety of

situations and dynamics. They have helped us

gain the trust from our clients and, as a result,

our business.


Here's what our partners have to say

sunton tech

Customisable CRM solution

Hytech CRM has been a powerful,

customisable and reliable solution, helping us

become more efficient with managing our own

customer relationships while improving both

performance and quality control. Over the past

year, we have made giant strides in using the

Hytech’s CRM platform to improve our client’s

business processes. The key, however wasn’t just

the products robust features and flexibility, but

the extremely competent talent that Hytech

provided that were truly focused on addressing

our needs.


Here's what our partners have to say

centerfield business solutions

The Benefits of Partnering with Hytech

Hytech’s Finance consultant team is a positive,

“can do” experienced Finance and strategic

consultant team. They helped our business save

time & money by automating our finance

process and also taking care of all the details.

We recommend Hytech 100%. Just wish we had

discovered them sooner!


How Partnering with Hytech Has Made an Impact at Centerfield Business Solutions

If you’re in a field involving large number of

transactions, Hytech is a great business partner

and their ultimate solution can help you save

your time. Their team also always goes above &